Two senior women playing dominoes

The 2018 NSW Seniors Festival will run from 4-15 April 2018. The City of Parramatta Council will again be producing a calendar of events/activities that are run during this time that target the over 55s in the community. This is an opportunity to not only run additional activities for this period, but also to advertise your services to the community.

In addition to being available for download, hard copies will also be printed and sent around to relevant services. If you wish for hard copies to be sent your way, please include a postal address in the application form.

Applications close: 27 February 2018.

Please be sure to follow the form’s instructions and check your information for accuracy, as it is used to create calendar entries. A new form should be used for each separate activity. Descriptions of at least one sentence should be provided for each activity. Relevant good quality images are encouraged to be included with your event/activity. If you have photos that include people, please make sure that you have their permission for their image to be used in this way.

Download application form

Contact: Tanya Owen, [email protected]