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Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of individuals in crisis? Every day in Australia there are people experiencing personal crisis or thinking about suicide. At this time of desperation, people need someone to talk to who can assist them to relieve their immediate feelings of distress and help them manage any suicidal thoughts.

By becoming a volunteer crisis supporter, you could be the person who provides this support to the 2000 people who contact Lifeline Central West every month.

Who can become a Lifeline Crisis Supporter?

Anyone is eligible to apply, provided the following criteria are met:

  • Must be 18 years or over
  • Must be willing to undertake a Criminal Record Check prior to acceptance into training
  • Must be an Australian resident
  • Must demonstrate the relevant attributes as outlined in the Crisis Supporter Position Description
  • Must be willing and able to meet all annual accreditation requirements, including regular shifts, logged in hours, professional development and supervision

What characteristics and experience are necessary for this role?

  • The ability to empathically and respectfully connect with help-seekers
  • The ability to establish good initial contact with help-seekers
  • A strong sense of self and self-awareness
  • The capacity to understand and help others proactively whilst maintaining clear boundaries of responsibility
  • The ability to integrate professional and personal learning experiences into the helping process in order to convey an understanding of the help-seekers situation
  • The ability to differentiate their own feelings from those of the help-seeker and maintain sufficient emotional distance from personal experiences in order to maintain perspective
  • Willingness and ability to respond effectively to feedback given in training and supervision about their performance and apply that to ongoing practice
  • Awareness of personal bias
  • Openness to diversity

What training and accreditation is required for this role?

Crisis Supporter Workplace Training or CSWT is a workplace training program that builds skills of members of the general public in becoming Lifeline Crisis Supporters.

You will be provided with comprehensive training to enable you to help people:

  • Safely manage any immediate threat to life or safety
  • Assist with preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of further distress
  • Find immediate relief from emotional distress
  • Explore coping strategies related to the current crisis

Training costs: $500, which includes national accreditation in the following units of competency:

  • CHCCSS0113 Crisis Support Skill Set
  • CHCCCS003
  • CHCCCS019
  • CHCCCS028

The next opportunity to join as a volunteer crisis supporter kick starts with training on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 February 2018 in Bathurst (and then runs for 4 weekends face-to-face or 8 weeks of Monday mornings for 4 hours).

Whilst volunteer training is in Bathurst, volunteer roles are available in Bathurst, Dubbo and Orange.

What are some of the benefits of becoming a Lifeline Crisis Supporter?

  • Nationally accredited qualification upon determination of final competency
  • Opportunity to contribute to the leading national crisis support organisation as well as the community
  • Developing new friendships
  • Developing new knowledge and skills that will assist you in other roles in everyday life
  • Opportunities for further development and other roles
  • Practical field experience for professional growth and career building

Contact: Emily, Volunteering Central West, 6332 4866, [email protected]