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A new tool which will assist the user to understand quality and safeguarding requirements for NDIS service providers in NSW is available now. Quality and safeguards guidance tool for NDIS providers in NSW takes the user through a range of questions about their organisation, and the supports they would like to deliver, resulting in a tailored outcome for each user. The tool also provides the user with useful links and resources related to registering as a NDIS provider in NSW.

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There is also a new fact sheet which outlines how NDIS participants will receive quality supports and be kept safe under the NDIS in NSW. The fact sheet is presented in plain, easy to understand English and provides greater clarity on aspects of quality and safeguarding in NSW and what it means for participants.

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In the animated video, Protecting people under the NDIS, we meet Samara, a person navigating through her NDIS journey. The video shows how Samara receives supports which are right for her and how the high standards of services she receives must be maintained. The video also outlines the rights Samara has under the NDIS and who she can speak to if she has feedback or a complaint about the supports or services she's receiving.

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